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Heads up: Secret Reaper

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hey guys, for those of you interested in the secret reaper, I am going to organize it this year, I will be going camping Friday, will be back 5 days later, and will set up the offical sign up then,
for those who don't know what it is , it is on the lines of the secret santa thing, we have a $20 price, and either make or buy a gift for your secret "vicitm". I will be drawing names, and will have every one keep it secret until every one has their gifts. the length of sign up time, and when the gifts have to be mailed by are still being decided.
The offical rules and sign up will be posted after the 24th. Any one with questions can PM me. Thanks guys! Hope this makes sense, I tend to ramble! LOL!
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I am so all over this!!! You know i'm in girl!!!

Hey how will we know what types of things the person we get likes?? You know some like gore, some like cute, some like glitzy and fabulous:) Will we be posting our likes and dislikes on a general page? I just want to make sure I get the person im assigned something they will like:)

I do agree, this was done last year and I think people were more happpier with their gifts. I certainly loved mine.
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