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Many of you probably know about the prop Heads up Harry. I've seen many people refer to him as a Gemmy item over the years. Truth is Gemmy didn't make him. Magic Power did. This is a proven fact and there was actually a lawsuit involved because of the similarities. All heads up props were made by Magic Power no matter what size they are.

Some ways you can tell they're obviously not Gemmy are:

-Purple button on base says "Try Me" no Gemmy life size ever had that
-Base is circular compared to the more oval shaped Gemmy base
-Try me switch is located beside shoe. Not on the back of the base
-Constant side to side eye movement. Gemmy items do not do this.

0009072718273_500X500.jpg 5373-85cd1a6f9f9c89f376632390698ed8b9.jpg download.jpg

Other Magic Power life sizes that are NOT Gemmy:
-Face Ripper
-Hungry harry
-Face changer
-Animated Butler
images.jpg z1.jpg 16602971_402196953448705_723188138238047044_n.jpg 600031_157201516617663.jpg
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