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Headless Oscilatting Fan

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A few weeks back a neighbor left an oscillating fan on the curb. Well, after a period of deep thought, I soon realized that it was my Halloween forum civic duty to grab it. I cleaned it a little bit and plugged the fan in the nearest electrical outlet and to my surprise it worked. Hmmmm, what to do?

Some searches on this forum later; followed by some well placed poodle noodles and clothes that my wife was going to donate to the church. I ended-up with a headless prop friend for the local elementary haunted house. A win-win-win (since it should somewhat spook a couple of the kiddies, it was simple to make and did not involve any great stuff).

Clothing White Suit Formal wear Outerwear
White Clothing Outerwear Jacket Sleeve

As a small footnote, I tweaked the height of the oscillating fan stand a little bit. I loosened some bolts and added a small piece of pipe which made this headless man about 5'6" (which is not so bad.............afterall he is missing his neck and head).

Lovely Day.
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Great job! Keep in mind though, with no air moving past that motor, it could burn up rather quickly. :eek:
Good observation. In my defense, a little bit of air does flow from the top of the fan. Plus, I was hoping the motion sensor would help keep the motor from over-heating.

I am hesitant to cut into the back side of the outfit to help air-flow, since it (the outfit) should be able to find a good home in the future. Oh well, we shall soon find-out; since the elementary haunted house in on the 30th.

Lovely Day.

Great job! Keep in mind though, with no air moving past that motor, it could burn up rather quickly. :eek:
Coolio! I'm thinking of taking an old fan and doing something similar!
Great idea!
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Thanks for the input. My number one goal was to make my headless friend as light as possible to minimize the strain on the fan motor. Its upper body is composed of one pool noodle for both arms and 1/2 a pool noodle for his/her shoulder. The weight of the jacket/suit could have been a little bit lighter but it is not too bad. Otherwise, it's only the testosterone supplements that make it appear buffed.

By the way, in my mini-trail runs with the motion sensor set on TEST, the motor has not given any signs of overheating (yeah, I know...same thing Custer said).

Lovely Day...
Nice prop!

That's gotta be the best dressed headless guy I've ever seen. :)
Great idea~easy enough to execute. Stealing this idea for next year :D
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