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This is my 1st prop of 2010. I will be making a Peppers Ghost illiusion for my front window this year, and will be using this Headless Ghost Bride to fade back and forth.

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The body is a cheap plastic mannaquin torso from eBay with movable arms. I cut the head off and and cut the left arm at the elbow. I took bendable metal and placed it in the hollow arm and filled with great stuff foam.

I then took a metal rod and placed a coffee can on top to rest the mannaquin through the bottom up to the neck stump. The rod is attached to an iron tiki torch stand at the bottom.

The Neck stump is made from cut up scrap pieces of latex painted and hot glued to the mannaquin.

Got the dress at a flea market and used a head prop to rest on the bended arm.

Let me know what you guys think!
1 - 20 of 64 Posts