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HD Foam board question

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On the way home from the hardware stoer last night my 8 x 4 foam board snapped an broke in to two pieces. I was planning to use this for tombstones to flesh out the yard a bit more. I am wondering if it would be worth it to try and glue the twp big pieces back together and then cut out my planned stones. I'm guessing that will be more trouble than it's worht and I should just re-plan my cuts to the two pieces I now have.

Any thoughts?
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If it were me I'd just replan my cut layout, you could also use that break on some of your stones cutting the shape of the stone across the brek to the other piece and reglue the 2 sections slightly escue to show a bad repair like what you all too often see in older grave yards.
If it was me, I'd re-layout the planned stones on the two pieces. Gluing the board back together isn't fun.

You could also try making a few "broken" stones.


Have your stones broken off from the top and the piece(s) laying on the ground like above (AWESOME idea, btw) could look REALLY cool.

(apparently Partsman was thinking the same thing...cool!)
I had this happen to me as well a few years ago....for smaller projects, I would suggest "toothpicks". For a larger tombstone, pick up a couple thin (yet long) dowels...embed them into the tombstone and slide the pieces back together!

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I have had this happen. Use tooth picks or dowels and gaurilla glue. it should be as good as hew when it drys.
A 4x8 sheet in half, what size were your tombstones going to be??????

As in the other responses, use the broken edges to your advantage.
it didn't quite break in half, thats th rouble. The plan I had that I pulled from the net would have fit 8-10 tombstones on this sheet. I guess I can relook at the plan, though I do have a lot of gorilla glue sitting around to be used.

Thanks for the tips folks! Happy Haunting!
well i would replan on the broken board if all fails buy some new board;)
Foam Board

Buy new board and use the ones that broke for a base... I would not throw out the board that broke.
I would replan the design. If you end up with some extra material think about reshaping that and glueing it on either as a design element, like a raised border, or add it to the base so it's a stepped up tombstone. It would add interest in either case. When eggs break, make an omlette, sometimes the results are tastier.
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