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Havin fun with Halloween Merchandise

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I work at a Kitchen store in a mall and every year I am sooooo amazed how Halloween merchandise changes year to year - for the better - I want everything!! We have cutesy stuff to gory stuff - love it all - especially anything to do with witches! We sold a lot of Halloween stuff this weekend - people are gettin in the mood :)
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Same here can't wait.
Might I ask which kitchen store? I want to have more Halloween stuff in my kitchen. Also, since you're in a mall, have you seen any other stores with Halloween stuff out?
I work at a mall in Davenport, IA - and yes, the Halloween Boutique opened up this weekend!! I love working there this time of year until December, then of course it sucks!
I had never even heard of Halloween Boutique until today. I was with my wife at Michaels yesterday while she looked at scrapbooking stuff I bought more Halloween goodies. I saw the old Circuit city had a sign on it but they were closed and went in today. They don't have everything in yet but it was awesome I even put in an application for part time the manager remembered me from when I used to be a key holder at Waldenbooks. So with luck I'll be spending my weekends in a Halloween store, which is par for this time of year I'd just have extra money for more goodies.
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