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Why Hello Everyone,
I have to say we are approaching year 5 and I Realize i have barely EVER shared any photos and videos of my Haunts. The thing is I spend so much time building and creating that I don't have a ton of time to sit and play on my Computer! Over the years I've been so lucky to have been able to create these Amazing story lines and once a year have them come to life. I'm a professional Performer/ actor for the Walt Disney Company and as you can imagine We are ALWAYS busy making people from around the world happy on their vacations. Halloween is that one time a year I get to step off the stage and into the role of creator /director and let my very own art forms come to life. The best part is it's all mine...and its the best feeling in the world to see it all come together. Even better , are the Amazing people i've met along the way and the many many people who have dedicated their time and lives to my projects. I would say 90 percent of the performs that preform in my haunts are all Disney Actors or employees. During my Fractured Fairy tale theme haunt, My two neighbors gave me their back yards to use as well. That year i built 22 rooms with 60 disney actors ...taking on a 19 -22 min walkthrough, all here at my house. I love being a story based haunted house maker...My power isn't in the props.... its the people.... And I guess i'm lucky because All my friends are professional actors so the skys the limits. Even some of the non actors who perform for me get a chance to be the hidden actor within...hahaha It's amazing to see! Since I've gathered so much inspiration from others here on this site, I thought the least i could do is share some of my work. And as soon as i figure out how to start posting albums of each haunt ...I will. This years haunt is more on the less is more side....Learing from the past here...sometimes less rooms more details less actors less drama....hahahahah!! We are doing !2 rooms and only 25 actors!! It's truly the best combo in my experience!!!
I'm a bit sadden because this is my last year here in this house. Sadly , my landlord stopped paying his mortgage and the house went into foreclosure, all unknown to me. Now all of a sudden some bank own my home here that I've rented the last 8 years and I have till april to find a new home. This all happened in the last month or so....and what started out as a simple haunted house in my front yard 5 years ago ...has turned into a professional looking haunt that thousands of people all come to each year! I have no idea where i'll be going or if i'll ever get to do this amazing craft in my new space.....so to be sure we want to go out with a bang this year!!! Most of my original cast is all coming back and if this is the last year for me..at least for a while, then we will make it the best one ever!! It's my dream to do this professionally in an indoor venue....so please keep your fingers crossed. I have an amazing creative team assembled and we all eat and breathe these Haunts. Each person brings a unique talent to my projects. They have become my family. I wish you could meet them all.... I'm sure we all have so much in common with you all!! It's so weird to be forced out of the home you loved and built a reputation with the community...but hey heres to new adventures and hopefully bigger and better haunts!!! Here's a look back and some of our Haunts! If you ever have any questions please feel free to drop me a line, say hi..... I'd love to get to know some of you more!!!

Some of Nick's Haunted Houses

Haunted Carnival teaser trailer :


Haunted Carnival Featured trailer:


Fractured Fairy Tales intro


Fractured Fairy Tales teaser promo:


Fractured Fairy Tales Trailer :

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