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Hello, this year I am doing a witch hunt theme and would love to see or hear some things you guys have done in the past or if you're planning on doing this theme I'd love to see what you are using for your inspiration

(I live in Australia so kids don't come trick or treating to my house so I get to go all out gruesome to scare my friends and not have to worry about traumatising children)

So far some things I've thought of that I plan on making are, a witch burning as the stake (yet to decide if I want to simulate it or have a real fire), Hung child witches in the trees, Spells drawn on walls, A table of ingredients for spells, "candles" that appear to float in the air, an angry witch floating in the air.

https://au.pinterest.com/hannah6363/h16/ (Here are some inspiration photos I have so far)

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