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That is what people will say who drive by and see not only a haunted yard, but INSIDE your house is haunted too!!
How do they know that? Because they can see some unwelcome entities through your window(s).

I'm excited to announce that I am now an official reseller of Jon Hyers Outrageous Media products on my website:
hauntyourwindow . com

There are lots of haunting images and scenes to choose from: SKELETONS, BATS, ZOMBIES, GHOULS, SPIDERS, ALIENS and more including a good quality projector. (I've been using mine now for 3 years)
Choose your content on digital files, USB drives or DVD's.

Everyone has windows in the front of their house, don't let them stay dark, incorporate some thrills from inside the house too, show people your property is haunted inside and out!
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