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Last year I pulled together a quick zombie walk/scare and a few displays in about a week. This year a lot more time and prop making happened so we put on a much bigger display.

We had a little kid area with bright colourful fun witches and photo opportunities which then was under a black light for after dark (it is light here until about 8.00 which makes it tricky!) Then we had the front of the house/porch, a witches garden with apothecary supplies, a hut with AtmosFX on loop and various bits of the garden done. This was less scary/gruesome and more whimsical as we wanted to make it fun for all ages. The gruesome/scary was put in the scare/haunt.

We ended up having over 1500 families through, so I guess on average there were at least 2 or 3 people per family - meaning a few thousand I guess. There isn't a lot on with Halloween around here (Australia - Melbourne) and so once I did a little bit of promotion we got a great response.

The haunt/scare was on the side of the property and screened off from the main little kid friendly area. We ended up letting people through before dark which wasn't scary but at least my props got seen by more people! It allowed probably an extra 300 people or more to see them.

The scare had a fog zone with scarer, spider nest with giant spider and one that dropped to just above their heads, the graveyard with creeper and a shadow scarer (my 11 year old son in a black morph suit - he was terrifying!) and a zombie nun who scared the heck out of people. Then they went into the tunnel with the usual curtains of plastic with the addition of gloves filled with jelly and spaghetti which when it touched their faces and arms totally freaked people out in the dark.

For next year I need WAY more cool lighting! I'm not doing a spider nest next year but will put our giant spider on the roof. We'll also make the scare space more contained and enclosed. It was a matter of time/money this year and we quite simply ran out of time to do everything I had planned. Still, I'm pretty happy and we got fabulous feedback on the facebook page and group!

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