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Are you going to Warehouse31 in St. Augustine, FL?

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Hey HF!

Just wanted to let you all know about the Haunted House in St. Augustine, Florida in a warehouse district off Northwood Drive.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama and am not the most avid haunt attendee. However, after doing a little research on Warehouse 31 I decided that I have to make the drive to see this place for myself.

Take a look at this video regarding this ominious haunt in the St. Augustine warehouse district. Apparently there is something or someone making every business that tries to run out of 3-1 fail:

Has anyone ever been here before? I am very curious. Usually the haunted "areas" i've experienced dub as another venue or business 11 months out of the year. This place is unique for me because there is a pretty creepy story behind it. You all think this is a hoax or is there something paranormal happening here?

Anyway, they are allowing the public to take a tour of the place starting September 30th (friday) and will be open for tours at a cost of $25. Here is there schedule:
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Anyway, do you think it's worth coming down from Birmingham? It's a nine hour drive but I am very curious. Sloss Furnace is an abandoned steel mill here in Birmingham, and they haunt it out every fall, but its story and history is not nearly as unique as Warehouse 31 in St. Augustine.

Here is there promo video:

Anyone on this forum going? Maybe I'll see you there!
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