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Haunted Treehouse Ideas

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Hey Y'all!

This years theme is going to be a haunted treehouse. I have a small yard with a huge tree nearly in the center. THe tree is old with lots of large, low branches so i'm probably going to have to do 3/4 scale to get it to look right.

Hoping to get some additional ideas for scenes from y'all -- they need to be cheap and not too mechanical coz me and my partner in fright are artists NOT engineers...not even slightly=) a fan prop and shiatsu are about as far as we go.

Backstory is kids build their treehouse in the evil forest (think Tolkien's Old Man Willow kinda thing). Majority of action will take place below the treehouse because the tree branches are very thick after about 5' of trunk. So here are our scene ideas so far:

* child climbing up the rope ladder being attacked by tree limbs
* fan prop child hanging from a vine noose and trying to free himself

* ground breaker child that's been buried alive, perhaps with hula hoop half buried to give idea of how quickly he was swallowed up
* giant spider with webbed child

* animated tree limbs (powered by shiatsu hopefully)
* and of course the spooky nursery rhyme music

Any additional ideas you can think of would be greatly appreciated -- maybe incorporating a pet dog or something besides children??

Thanks for any ideas and Happy Haunting!
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Maybe add some other classic elements to your tree, lit by spotlights/strobes from below. A strobe light pointing up into a thick bare tree can trick your mind a bit- are those branches moving? If this is a walk through for ToTers a couple of more "standard" elements might tie it together for the younger crowd. My daughter is 4 and would not understand a ground breaker and the concept of being eaten, but she would be terrified of Dracula floating from a tree branch lit up by a red spotlight and cape flapping in the wind. At my yard haunt i have gory, conceptual stuff to scare the older kids out of their wits, but plenty of skeletons, spider webs, and hanging dummies with masks to scare the crap out of the younger ones.

You said it about making parents uncomfortable- it's one thing to be known as "that guy on the street who really decorates for Halloween", it's another for neighbors to talk for the next 2 months about the weirdo who had all the dead kids in his yard. Especially if you are in a conservative religious type setting. Something to think about.
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