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Haunted Tree for Drake Manor

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Having getting sick of my bags of parcel packaging falling everywhere as soon as I open the garage door I decided today was the day! I wanted something that would fit in the corner near entrance to front door so decided on a tree. I didn't want one with a face just one that looked bare after it's leaves had fallen off. I made this using inner tube from a roll of carpet, wrapped in those packaging airbags to make a thicker trunk. I added a cardboard top for the branch shapes then covered the whole thing in the brown packaging. With it having a crinkle texture I thought it was ideal for bark. Not happy at stopping there:rolleyes:...I then added a gravestone of Lord Winston's pet cat 'Major' and using an old toy cat, I added a balloon light to illuminate the eyes. I had an old dummy security camera than spins so fixed the cat to that, and when you go past the cat moves from side to side ( I am going to give him another coat of white paint, just so he stands out more) Add a pumpkin, a spooky doll and fence and we are done:) I have taken the video in the light so you can see it better, but once I get some spotlights etc on it should look ok in the dark. As usual, any suggestions for improvement, greatly appreciated.....now the question is...where on earth I am going to put it until Halloween.......?:confused:

Tree Still life Plant Houseplant Trunk
Lady Fashion Dress Fictional character Doll
Pumpkin Rock Tree Headstone Plant

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et3zq75OsOY&feature=youtu.be
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Thanks doto. It's all gone a bit quiet in the Winston family at the moment, Lady Eleanor is having an extended stay in Bath at the spa and I think Lord Winston is keeping a low profile. They will be back together for Halloween so we will have to see what happens then!:D
Thanks DandyBrit, I won't say what my Hubby calls the loft and now creeping into the garage...as I just keep all kinds of stuff...it always ends up been used for something:D Mind, looking at this torrential rain, I hope we get a dry Halloween otherwise half this stuff won't be going outside:rolleyes: How's your stuff coming along? Are you nearly done?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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