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Haunted Tiki Island 2009

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Here are a few pictures From this years haunt.

I'll post a few more into another post below, but you can see them all on my blog here.

Thanks for looking.
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Part 2

Now here are some props by my fellow haunters of whom I am very proud:

Patty's Hatchling and Jay's Sign

Kendra's Flower

Zac's Drinking Corpse

Patty's Tiki Peeper

Tricia's TOT Snatcher

Again there are more pics on the Haunted Tiki Island Blog.
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awesome , ab-so-frickin-lutly awesome
Superb love the theme and love the props.
Ok..... I hide my head in Shame...

We were going to do a haunted luau next year but nothing we came up with (or are capable of coming up with) is even close to your amazing party

Devils Chariot... I thank you for posting the links to your tutorials, tips, and prop lessons.

And I would like to quote ScaryGarry and say "awesome , ab-so-frickin-lutly awesome "
Awesome!! love the theme!! :)
Great theme, terrific layout, and gorgeous props. Wowza. I'm off to check out your tutorials!
Holy smokes! Incredible stuff! Truly though I can see your prop building skill is awesome but your photo taking ability is truly unreal. If only my pictures could turn out have as great as yours!

So sweet ... just mind bottling!
fabulous, simply fabulous. your lighting is fantastic! I love the guy/skelly sitting with all the skulls, holding the one, he is so creepily awesome!!! i will check out the rest on your blog, these are too cool!
Awesome ! The lighting is just off the hook. I am SO doing this next year. Between you and cinders, I am inspired to pull this off. I think the graveyard will have to stay in the shed for awhile. Tiki lights and cannibals, here I come. :D
Totally awesome!!!! Nicely done....:D!!!!
WOW, dude, where do I begin? The colors, the lighting, the props, the set up, it all kicks a%# This is one wickedly awesome haunt.
Thanks for all the nice words guys and ghouls. That made my day!
Your theme and work is awesome. Very inspirational. I am impressed.
WOW!! :D

That looks absolutely amazing!! Awesome idea, and fantastically put together.

umm....I think you get the idea - I like it! :p
Very good!! Great camera work, awesome lighting and awesome props!!
Stunning display. evrything looks great. the drinking corspe is great. It definitley has me thinking of some type of Island Style haunt for next year.
That is simply amazing! That looks like a haunt for Universal or Disney. Major major kudos! ^_^
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