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Haunted Mine Shaft Ideas?

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Ok, starting to get that excited feeling...time to plan this years haunt. I have an idea for an elevator prop to make the tots feel like they are descending to the mine, but I'm not sure how to make a cave scene without spending big bucks. I would love to hear any ideas for props and effects for cave or mine haunts.
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Okay super cheap base...

PVC Pipe. The long 10 ones, combine 2 of them then make them into an arch like shape and stake them into the ground. (THey have pvc pipe stakes)

Just keep making them and then you know throw the tarps or sheets or whatever you want over it. Maybe get some thick netting on the inside to hang down. buy some 2 by 4s the put in the middle of the walk way like support beams with some lanterns hanging.

10 ft pvc pipes are like $1.50 for the really thin ones and $2 for the slightly larger ones, and depending on how heavy the $2 dollar ones should work fine.
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