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Haunted Mine Shaft Ideas?

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Ok, starting to get that excited feeling...time to plan this years haunt. I have an idea for an elevator prop to make the tots feel like they are descending to the mine, but I'm not sure how to make a cave scene without spending big bucks. I would love to hear any ideas for props and effects for cave or mine haunts.
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wow, those are all really cool ideas. i had a haunted mine for my son's western party. nothing extravagant. i hung cardboard stalactites, bats, and thread (feels like spider webs against face) from the rafters. the only lights in the "cave" were one blue lightlbulb and a prop of a miner with a severly burned face holding a lantern. used a nature tape for sound effects. when they got into the deeper part of the basement, had a helper silently close a door behind them. I had adhered a gothic stone wall backdrop on this door so when the group circled back it looked like they were caved in. the guide lit a fuse on a tnt barrel (which was really just a sparkler), then said "step back- its gonna blow" which was the cue for the helper on the other side to set off black cat fireworks, giving the sound effect of tnt, which made the group close their eyes for just a second, enough time needed to quickly open the door. pretty basic, but the three groups of tweens that went through were impressed.
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