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Haunted Mine Shaft Ideas?

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Ok, starting to get that excited feeling...time to plan this years haunt. I have an idea for an elevator prop to make the tots feel like they are descending to the mine, but I'm not sure how to make a cave scene without spending big bucks. I would love to hear any ideas for props and effects for cave or mine haunts.
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Oh, if I only I could rig a way for head-lanterns to fizzle out by remote control!

I like the plastic idea. Price is right and it can be used year after year. I also considered buying big rolls of paper so that I could crinkle it up and paint it to look like rock. But the paper is pretty expensive for a one-time use.
Call your local newspaper and ask then if they sale End Rolls. This is the left over paper after a pressrun, there is so little paper left on the roll that they have to change it over to a larger roll at the end of the day. I work for a local newspaper and we sell these rolls from 1 dollar upwards to 10 dollars. This is the way to go, of you want to use paper. Also these sheets of paper have no ink on them and they are uninterrupted, meaning you can spread this paper out and it will go a long ways.
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