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Haunted Maze Name Help

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Hello everyone hope everyone is doing well on this Good Friday. Anyway, I work for the City of Deer Park and I was trying to get some input on a name for our Haunted Maze. For 6 years it has just been called the "Haunted Maze," but its time to actually get called something different. The theme for this year and probably something similar for thenext 3 or 4 will be something like UV colored. We are looking at purchasing somewhere around 25 UV jumpsuits for all the actors and then solid black ones for hallway scarers. We are even looking at creating a "Blue Man Group" type scene. Something with drums and everything glowing. I know the idea in my head, its just hard to portray it on paper. Thanks for any ideas!
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I agree with Frankie's Girl. I'd go with Mystery Maze or Maze of Mystery. It's hard to beat some good alliteration! If you don't like that then try to incorporate something spooky from the area, whether it be the name of your town or something in the area. I live on Killigrey St and I dress up as a werewolf for trick or treaters so I'm the Beast of Killigrey.

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Deer Park's...

Maze of a 1,000 (Radioactive?) Terrors, or just Radioactive Terror Maze;
Glowing Labyrinth;
Maze That Can Be Seen From The Moon (because of the glow);
Terror Seekers...The Hunter Becomes The Hunted;
Cooling Tower Quagmire;

Just a few - hope you find something that works! Good Luck!!
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