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Haunted Masquerade 2014 Halloween Party

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Here are some photos of our 2014 Halloween party that took place on October 11th of this year. We spent about 3 weeks preparing for the party. Projects included wrapping the entire barn in "manor walls" made out of OSB board, hanging crystal chandeliers with rubber cement spider webs, a family portrait wall guests could get there picture taken behind, a toe pincher coffin bar, cemetery buffet, DMX lighiting, LED pinspots for detail lighting and a large chandleleir on a pulley system that we rasied to start the party. So much work, but an amazing night. We had about 180 guests including the amazing RJ Haddy from SyFy's Faceoff series!!! We met him at a local theater we designed the set for. Everyone wore the most amazing costumes. Next year is Zombie Prom 2015, A Night to Dismember...

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8795-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8794-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8797-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8801-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8802-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8804-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8809-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr

Haunted Masquerade 2014-8811-1 by Chris Lee Photos, on Flickr
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Ok. Here's the deal. THIS is the type of Halloween party that I have ALWAYS WANTED to attend.

This is AMAZING!!!!!!
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yo, that is LEGIT!!
and where was my invite?!?! LOL
Unbelievable. I'm seriously in awe, of your setup, your props, your lighting, and your guests' costumes. I agree with StanFam, this is the kind of party I've always dreamed of hosting or attending.

The walls are incredibly realistic; I'd kill for a tutorial ;)

Amazing work.
Beautiful and haunting .. Wonderful decor, you did a totally amazing job! The costumes are to die for, also.
Gobsmackingly fantastic & magical!!! Ditto what everyone else said; costumes, decor, lighting,
and yes....wish I was there!!!
Add me to the list of "wanted to be invited" to this party. This looks just like a run down mansion and I would love to be able to do this.

Are you guys professionals with theatrical props and backgrounds? Everything is so spot on that there are not words to express how amazingly awesome this setting turned out to be. Great work!
A lot of work but worth it. I'm sure your guests had a fantastic time!
yo, that is LEGIT!!
and where was my invite?!?! LOL
OOhh oh! me too, me too!!

Wow you guys did an amazing job on the set up. I LOVE it all! very creepy chic!
Have a wonderful Halloween!
That party is the quality I aspire to create some day. Absolutely stunning in every detail. I feel transported just from looking at the pictures and can only imagine what it would be like to experience it in person. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
What a beautiful and amazing party! You guys totally outdid yourselves and should be very proud!! Awesome job!
Incredible work! What a fabulous event! Great job!
Love everything about this!!! Everything looked amazing!
Everything here is gorgeous! Also, wow, only 3 weeks? For all that you put up, that's really impressive!

The chandeliers add so much elegance to your set up.
One word for this set-up>>>>>>>Magical!

I been to some real barn parties....western Nebraska style.....never seen anything like this!

Dang, why don't I get invited to parties like this?

You really should make a tutorial on "planning your space" for the tutorial section. Beautiful work.

Mz. Muffy
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