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Didn't Walt die before it ever opened?
When those four kisses went across my forehead as I was waking up in a room that was all it up, TV on, a Psychic said I had been given the"Kiss Of Death" .
The next time he came here he asked me to invite the 38th Ghost into this house , I said, "No",eventually this response mad him mad,he left.
One or two days later a semi rear-ended me as I was completely stopped for a Road Construction Zone. The truck was traveling 75-80 MPH when he hit me,I wasn't moving.
Some people hearing about this have said the ghost girl who kissed me likes me .. and she was trying to have me" join" her.
Two girls-women who lived here in this house did have "red" Hair,as described by the Psychic. The one was murdered four blocks straight down this same street four blocks away.
Her Parents and Sister continued to live here for another 25 years after the multiple murders.
When people come here Not in the Fall,I can tell them so any true stories about this house... and this Haunted town.
I only tell about things I know to be true or I strongly believe to be true.If I was making up stories I wouldn't bother to tell them,they would just be "Made-Up',but when things happen right in your own house ,and more than one person sees,hears ,experiences the incident... it becomes so much more interesting and important than any made-up "Story" ever could be.
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