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Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portraits

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Hi guys - just in time for Halloween, I've got a set of the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room portraits printed on stretched canvas for sale! The person I originally got them for decided they didn't want them, so I'm putting them up here.

They are 52" x 16", thin-wrap, white side canvas. Each comes with hanging hardware. Each canvas is individually wrapped from the printer and has been unopened by me. Canvases will ship two per box, with a cardboard reinforcing frame to minimize any damage. I am asking $350 via Paypal for the set (this is what I paid for them.) Please note that these are not official Disney merchandise.

I cannot estimate shipping, due to the large size of the containers - they are very light, but quite tall, so I'd have to take them to UPS to get the cost based on destination location. I would wager that they would be no more than $25-30 total to ship though (don't quote me on that.)

Note: I live in Connecticut, so if you'd like to pick them up and save shipping, I'd be more than happy to do that. We can discuss that in more detail later.

The photos below are of the set I purchased - again, the set you are receiving are sealed by the printer and I have not touched them.

Please save me from having to deal with Ebay!
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Just a quick update to show that these aren't some blown up, poorly pixelated images I got printed:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Please note the white speckles are reflection on the raised portions of the canvas, and not any sort of artifacting on the image itself. I took it outside to ensure I could get some shots in good, strong lighting.
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