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Hey everyone:

I posted asking for help and I love that many people were willing to share their expertise! I changed the design for practicality, and finally worked on a project I’ve had on my bucket list for years - an 8-foot grandfather clock!

It’s part of my outdoor display that I add to every year. I tend to do one project every August-September and then I’m Halloween-project-fatigued until about May of the next year.

The sound changes between a YouTube track from stranger things and a custom clock track with 4 gongs every 4 mins. I based the clock design on the many Haunted Mansion clocks on this forum and others. Again, thanks to so many for sharing their expertise!

I’ve added pictures of my tombstones (again, several copied and modified from others on this forum and others are originals). Blackbeard is a modified version of the one by Terra/Hauntless who was so gracious to share her map design with me.

Happy Halloween!



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DAMN, that's very cool. What material did you use to build it with?
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