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Haunted Mansion Fan Film- Missing in the Mansion

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Apologies if this has a presence on the forum somewhere already, but if it does, I didn't see it. :)

I'm also not particularly plugged in to social media, or anything like it, so this may already be yesterday's news to many. However, I had a bit of fun with
this 'found video' approach to a visit to Disney gone wrong, and thought I would share.

It's called 'Missing in the Mansion', and is part Blair Witch, and part Paranormal Activity, but the Haunted Mansion elements made it enjoyable for me. More information on the film, and team, is available
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:D That was pretty cool! I have never seen that video, thank you for sharing. I'm such a Haunted Mansion fan!:D
(I'm guessing Kevin didn't get to be an imagineer?) But I guess being a ghost on the Haunted Mansion ride is the next best thing?:eek:)

I think Scott should have proposed in front of the Haunted Mansion.....Cinderella's Castle? Pu-leeze!
I agree, Pumpkin5!

The fact that Scott didn't propose in front of the proper attraction was a bit of foreshadowing from my perspective.

It was clear to me at the outset that his poor decision making was ultimately going to lead everyone down an unfortunate path....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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