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which two tombstones are you speaking of? Outside there are about 15 or so (including pets), and inside in the graveyard there are about 100....

Here is a complete list of WDW's Haunted Mansion tombstones, and in some
cases, which Imagineer they reference to. (outside only)

RIP GOOD FRIEND GORDON now you've crossed the river jordan

RIP in memorium uncle myall HERE YOU'LL REST FOR QUITE A WHILE
(Chuck Myall - Art Director)

REST IN PEACE COUSIN HUET we all know you didn't do it

HERE RESTS WATHEL R. BENDER he rode to glory on a fender
(Wathel Rodgers - illusionist, mechanical genius)

HERE LIES GOOD OLD FRED a great big rock fell on his head

AT PEACEFUL REST LIES BROTHER CLAUDE planted here beneath this sod
(Claude Coates - Art Director, Master of Paint Effects and Lighting)

RIP MR. SEWELL the victim of a dirty duel
(Ted(?) Sewell - Engineer/Draughtsman(?))

IN MEMORY OF OUR PATRIARCH dear departed grandpa marc
(Marc Davis illustrator, idea man, funniest Imagineer)

REQUIESCAT FRANCIS XAVIER no time off for good behavior RIP
(Xavier Atencio - scriptwriter, and lyricist, Grim Grinning Ghosts

DEAR DEPARTED BROTHER DAVE he chased a bear into a cave

MASTER GRACEY LAID TO REST no mourning please at his request
(Yale Gracey - illusionist)

HERE LIES A MAN NAMED MARTIN the lights went out on this old spartan
(Bill Martin - Art Director)

One other stone has set in the area. After John Sullivan retired as
President of the Magic Kingdom, a tombstone was erected for approximately
two weeks.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion
Pet Cemetery

the Bat
<upside down> We'll Miss You

He Croaked
August 9

She was a poor little
Pig but she bought
the Farm


Beloved Lilac
Long on Curiosity...
Short on
Common Scents

There is a cat surrounded by little mouse grave markers.

One that says "Fi Fi"

Those below are found on the red brick wall.

In Memory My Rat
Whom I Loved
Now He Resides
in the Realms Up Above

Long Legged
Got tangled
up in his
very own web

October 10

<snake>(long snakey grave marker)
Here lies my snake who's fatal mistake was frightening the gardener who
carried a rake

July 11

Over on the wall near the railroad:

Theo Later
U.R. Gone
Ray N. Carnation
Dustin T. Dust
Lev Itation
G.I. Miss You
I Trudy Departed
Rust in Peece
I.L. Beback
M.T. Tomb

Also check out... 2719 HYPERION: 13 Tombstones

The hitchhiking ghosts are another story entirely. doombuggies.com has a FANTASTIC behind the scenes section on the Haunted Mansion... I actually just reread it on Friday Night, and picked up a few new ideas... (always the propbuilder!) I think you would probably have to build your own hitch hiking ghost, unless you have a LOT of money... but you can get some insight at least on what goes into creating them, and how they are used...

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Halloweinerdog, I'm sorry but I really would be most apreciative if you could elaborate...


Have you seen this, are there images somewhere???? OMG!!!! That would be just... WOW!

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well Mr. Grimsley I just typed in hitchhiking ghosts haunted mansion and pics of them came up, one is cousin huet and one is brother dave and they are the size of a child, so they're not huge but they're pretty neat, also they have blue lights built into the bottom that shine up at them, it's pretty neat.

MandatheWitch the two tombstones I am looking for are:

REST IN PEACE COUSIN HUET we all know you didn't do it
DEAR DEPARTED BROTHER DAVE he chased a bear into a cave

but I want the I think 2006 editions ones which lthe face on the tombstone lights up, the newer ones are just stone looking and not as eerie
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