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Haunted Mansion Caretaker WIP

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I've taken the first step towards getting my caretaker project going, I purchased a brand new mannequin. He is 6'2" ram rod straight lad, so one of the first steps will be introducing him to the sawzall. Turns out I am one town over from a wholesale supplier of display mannequins, so I am going to pick him up tomorrow. Here is the model I am starting with.


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Temporary Mask

So this mask arrived today which I ordered so I didnt have to look at the mannequin's ken doll head. I plan to use this as a temporary solution, but for now it doesn't look half bad. If I don't make or find a head solution, this well do for this year. Actually looks pretty good at night lit with uplighting.



Costs $18, instantly changed the look of the prop, looks creepy, came with hair that looks like haunted mansion figure (hangs straight down instead of "upcurl" on product photo. Eyes holes can be stretched out for a surprised look.


Smells really weird, skin tone is much darker than advertised, hair fails out very easily. I would not suggest wearing this as a mask.


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