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Hey all, funny how convention season is almost as stressful as October. Our little yard haunt will be doing a home haunt booth again at the West Coast Haunt Convention in Portland this year. As part of our donation to the silent auction for the Oregon School of the Deaf I have made a 13 hour HM style wall clock. Now, I am NOT a sculptor by any means and this really was more of an excuse to try something but it didn't turn out half bad if I say so myself. I have cast 4, 1 for the donation, 1 for my office and 2 for friends/trade. I used the tube silicon method Stillbeast Studios taught on his youtube site and fiberglass resin for the casting. I just didn't have the patience to order the "real" materials online.

This is the silicone mold in it's plaster of paris shell.

Thickness of the silicone mold after 5 layers

GE silicone and Naphtha-WEAR A RESPIRATOR!! Not a dust mask an actual respirator this stuff is Nasty! Also wear safety glasses and gloves and clothing that you are willing to destroy.

Standard Home Depot fiberglass

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