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I had this idea for a while but never got round to trying it, with Hubby at work and Daughter at her friends today was the day! :) I wanted to try and match the balustrade to the column posts and bust that I have already made and wanted it to go at the end of a small piece of garden. I purchased a a piece of plastic fencing from the £1 store and have been saving plastic bottles up, I fixed the two bottles together to give a rounded column shape, made 3 of them and then attached them to the fencing.
I then fixed the whole thing to a row of boxes to make a base and started to cover with the same brick plastic wrap that I used on my columns and bust.
Once all the bottles and base were covered, I did a paint effect to create old stone and mossy look. I added some ivy and I have been saving my old fern leaves from the garden, so used these too to give an old abandoned look. I am really pleased with the way it has turned out and only cost £1, it is very study but also light weight enough that you can move it around. I have left the sides of the boxes open so that I can put some stones in to weight it down. As usual, any comments for improvement, greatly appreciated:)
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