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Spooky Little Girl....I can relate ....this stuff is so cute but takes some time to make. I made 60 of these coffins last year, glued them to poster board so they would be sturdy & put them together & finished with a coat of mod podge.

Needless to say I never used them cause we felt we did not have enough of them finished. So this year I'm gonna make 40 more & then for halloween we are gonna put 4-5 pcs. of our chocolates in the box & tie them with string. Its gonna be one / family for halloween & will go to the adults along with the treat bags & popcorn bags for the kids.

Which reminds me ....I need to get started on these but these paper mache projects are taking awhile too!! I knew I should have started earlier.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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