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Haunted House preview...

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**Note: If you're in Maine and planning on coming to the River Valley Haunted Walk in Mexico, don't ruin it for yourself by watching this**

Thought I would post this. Hoping to get some good video once it's all set up. Gotta be ready to go by Friday night, so not much time left, but it'll get done! Been putting in 10 and 12 hour days this week, haha. Of course I JUST had someone bail on their room, so now I have to finish it... but I'll manage... somehow.

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Some reaction shots from the ambulance scare. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone with able to film in the dark for me, and my camera doesn't do well in the dark, so my videos are basically just audio. It was a lot of fun though. We did about 600 people, which, for rural Maine, is pretty solid.

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