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Hello everyone !

And yes it is still me regrettably...
Having put the photos of my Haunted House of the last year, I suggest you discovering the work which I realize for this year.
There is for the moment just an entrance as well as an office of the Asylum director.
I plan to make a room with jars of formalin, where they realize the experiences(experiments) (see photo), a corridor with pipes of the old mattress...
The entrance took me 3 days of conception and build, there were 400 bricks cut from some cardboard. Everything decoration are made cardboard !! Later I put some filler, paint spray and dry brush paint to highlight textures them as stone imitation.
For the office, the wallpaper was aged, documents were printed and then aged with some coffee, I try to pay attention on details!!
Some paintings hung on the wall there is a drop panel.
( Sorry for the catastrophic translation !)
Good day ! I wait for your critics, comments and for advice thank you :)
PS: 10 days until Halloween ! Yeah !! :D


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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