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Haunted Hotel Hollywood

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I'm pretty excited how my props came out, and wanted to share. :D This year's theme is a mash-up of Tower of Terror and the ballroom flashback scenes from The Shining. The champagne tower is plastic glasses from the Dollar Store and circles of cardboard. The bell cart is a piece of insulation foam painted red, an old dolly, four plastic broom handles from the Dollar Store, and a Hula Hoop cut in half. I made the guest book on the computer and printed it on vellum. (I mixed our guests in with Jack and Wendy Torrance, Orson Wells, Joan Crawford, Bela Lugosi, and Norma and Norma Bates.) I'm going to make a red carpet with felt, and I made velvet ropes and stanchions with pool noodles painted red and curtain rods I found in the trash. My favorite piece, though, is the group photo from the final scene of The Shining. It's a b&w, black-tie group shot, taken in the ballroom in 1921, with Jack as the host. I found a pretty good version online, chose a photo of each of our guest from past parties and had their heads Photo-Shopped in! I had it printed poster-sized at Kinko's, and am going to display it on an easel. :) Now I've just got to make it through the week!


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