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Haunted Hearse 2015

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After researching the web and closely taking notes from EvilBob I have begun my own build of the classic horse drawn hearse.
The wheels are from Amish Wares and they are beautiful! They are predrilled to take a 3/4" galv pipe through 6" of hub. That alone makes a nice axel but I added a 1 1/4 " galv pipe over the 3/4 to add even more strength.
I have a good start and looking forward to the next step.


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I really like the wheels. What size did you go with?

What are you using for the "lazy susan" so the front can pivot?

I keep thinking about building another one since mine is more static and I like what you have started and can see a lot more options that are available if when it can be rolled around.
Great start Damage. Love that the front axle turns. I built one four years ago and would like to refurbish it adding some length and a turning front axle.
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Really cool. By the way whoever said garages were for parking cars in? :)
The wheels are 42" and 36". Amish Wares website says they will support 500#s.
My current Lazy Susan is too small at 4". It works put is not heavy duty enough. I just ordered a 12" that is rated for 1000#s
The weight can add up quickly depending how you build it. I found a double paned sliding glass door at Habitat for Humanities ReStore for $10 and figured that was a much better deal than buying plexiglass for the windows. Financially it was a better deal...structurally too, but it added a lot of weight.

BTW since you'll get a lot of viewers on this thread I thought it would be good to show what chuckb0004 posted in Dminor's thread that mentioned the Horse-Drawn Funeral Vehicles book: "you can get that book on the carriage museum of America website for $38.00 plus shipping I just ordered it today.
Meticulous work so far~will be following your progress.
Frame is up. Front window frame came from an old clock and rear doors are in and square!!
Floor Wall Room Wood Flooring
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Everything looks great!

Those wheels are tremendous. I think if I ever rebuild mine, or do another, I'm going to have to check those Amish Wares versions out. They would be an instant upgrade.

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Evil Bob. I dont know how often I have looked at your hearse to give me ideas and guidance.
Yeah the 12"Lazy Susan is way better than the 4 inch. I had no confidence that the 4" would hold up.
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Keep the pics coming. Looks great!
were did you order the lazy Suzan tor that what and if you don't mind what kinda cost was it I'm still looking to do something to how mine works although the axes
and wheels are authentic I need something that looks more appropriate for what I have
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