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I made these lights for a haunted cruise that I help with at work. It's a pretty simple project and looks really cool.

First you'll need a baby doll. I found some at a thrift store that worked really well. You'll need to dismantle the body and separate the head.
Then you'll need to cut off the neck where it has the rib that was used to attach it to the body.
IMG_1149.JPG IMG_1150.JPG IMG_1151.JPG
If you need to smooth it out, a box knife works well for that.
Once you have that done you'll want to pop out the eyes and then cut off any plastic behind it so that it is an opening.
IMG_1153.JPG IMG_1154.JPG
Now you paint. I use grey spray paint, but if you want to paint them some other color it would be up to you. I thought about white but ultimately went with grey. I really like the way it looks
At this point, you need to choose what your base is. I get a pack of round bases from Hobby Lobby for 2.98. They are the 4" rounds. But you could choose whatever one you want. I paint mine black, but again.... whatever works for your project. Then you just attach the head using hinges. The size is going to depend on the size of your head and base. I've tried other options of attaching and this seems to be the best.
IMG_1216.JPG IMG_1217.JPG
Now you just put a light in and be amazed. We use small battery operated lights. Depending on the size of your head you could use a battery opperated tea light.
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