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Haunted Barber-shop Trio

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Ok. So, my stepdad Works for a company that sells safety products for the head and he had these foam display heads that he no longer needed. So he gave them to me for halloween. I decided that I would attach them to a board and make them look bloody and put:

One head with a knife through it.
One head with a knife going into it's forehead while it's looking up.
And another one with a knife going through it's neck.

What do you all think. Please don't be too harsh I am only 16 and have done this for 2 years.
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Keeper of Spider Hill
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are you doing a Barber shop theme ? If you are, maybe you want to consider using Barber shop related items to impail them with ? Something like some large scissors, a rat tail comb, a straight razor, stuff like that.

if you are just looking to make a display of this board, maybe you could do the 3 heads in a line on your board and go with a "see no, hear no, speak no evil" theme. I am sure there are a lot of creative ways you can mutilate a foam head ? :rolleyes:
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