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The 2014 HAuNTcon Pre-show Tour, January Leaves Thursday morning, January 23rd, this tour includes all transportationa and meals on the road.


Included with the Two Day Pre-show tour: transportation to all attractions, three meals and the admission to following attractions: Full actor October style tours of Haunted Mayfield Manor, Dungeon of Doom, Houston Terror Dome and, the spotlight of the pre-show tour, Phobia Haunted Houses, featuring 4 separate attractions: Mind Control, ClaustroPhobia, Darke Institute, and Dawn of the Machine.

On Friday there will also be 6 Backstage/Lights-on Tours of Kingwood Asylum, Hallowed Grounds, and all four of the Haunted Attractions at Phobia. Additionally, you can compete and compare your scores with other attendees at the Zombie Apocalypse Houston, Zombie-themed Laser Tag.

Museum tours of the magnificent Bishop’s Palace Historical Haunted Home, Pirates: Legends of the Gulf Coast as well as the hearse-filled National Museum of Funeral History are all included in the tour.

HAuNTcon knows that Haunters are hardy eaters and we have a great line up for meals on the tour also included in the price: Thursday: a burger lunch at Fuddruckers followed by a catered Mexican dinner, Friday: Cajun food for lunch.
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