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HAuNTcon 2016

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Hauntcon 2016 will be in Birmingham, AL Jan. 28-Feb 1st.

How about going on a Preshow Tour on Jan. 27th and 28th? The 2016 Preshow Inspiration Bus Tour includes admission to 15 different haunted attractions, a cavern, antebellum plantation house and The Walking Dead movie locations, two lunches and one dinner, motor coach transportation. Do you think you can handle it???

We also have tours to: Warehouse 31, Nightmare 3008 and Insanitarium.

Haunted Tours not for you? Come enjoy the large selection of Education classes, the show room floor, and costume ball!

Or how about taking one of our All day classes like:
Advanced Special Effects Make Up Class – Zombies!
Opening Your First Haunted Attraction

There is something for everyone! See you in Birmingham!
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