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Some of you know who Virgil is. He and a couple of others have launched HauntAudio.com. You can purchase digital versions of tracks from Gore Galore's
"Sounds of Gore" as well as music and ambient tracks from composer Virgil Franklin and Haunt Rocker Jerry Vayne. Plus they are working on adding links to free sound effects (All Legal!) and a "How-to" section that Virgil plans to expand on where to get the tools that he uses to make his sounds and music. He even plans to add some videos to show you how to use those tools. The site is still new but they plan to put some time and money into it. If you are into Halloween sound, check it out and then come back once in a while to see what they have added.

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I was in his class at MHC of 08 and it was very good. The man teaches music for a living. He has a heart of gold and loves to help people. When people buy his music and want to use it legally for a haunt or video, most often he just asks that you ask permission. I have known him for several years and I learn from him every time I talk to him. Plus he creates some great music and sound effects. He is on facebook if anyone ever wants to drop him a message.
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