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I have a side yard that I'm contemplating using as part of my haunt. It's 17 feet wide and ideally would be great if it could be divide in two pathways to run the kids through. I'd love a wall in between that I could attach black plastic or scenesetter or even pink or blue foamboard to for backdrop material. Our ground is rock hard at this time of year so implanting anything like a pole is pointless. The wall really needs to be freestanding. I came up with an idea of using cardboard moving boxes to build wall towers that could be used to anchor framing to.

I've sketched out a draft of a plan which I hope people can read. I'd love to know if you think something like this would work. I only put up Halloween for one day so want to keep it as simple as possible and as cheap as possible. Right now we have a lot of moving boxes that I could use so I'd have half the supplies already.

The sketch

If I had an actor "in hiding" I though I could place him in the center part between the two wall tower sections (both sides of the tower walls would be covered with material, only one side shown in sketch) and he could slip out of an overlapped section and behind the ToTers.

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I've been using cardboard in my graveyard for years... as long as it's painted up (use latex house paint so you get the sealing/waterproofing effect too), cardboard is a wonderfully cheap material that has endless possibilities. :)

The only thing with your plans that I could see as a problem would be the possibility of someone leaning or falling into the cardboard structure. But that could happen with foamboard too. ;)

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I make wall panels out of mattress moving boxes.. Cutting the large flat sides from the boxes and attaching them to a frame made out of 1X2s around the edges with one horizontal brace half way up the frame.. You can make them double sided or single sided.. I have some that have been used outside and inside and they're about 10 years old and still usable.
Go to your local moving and storage businesses and ask if they have any used ones. By law they're not supposed to use them a second time..... You should be able to get them free...

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I would drape the "wall" over a piece of PVC pipe on top and between the two towers, so that if someone bumps into it, it just gives instead of falling over. Maybe put a second pipe on the bottom but free and unattached so keep it straight.
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