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Haunt Trends: Past and Present

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Ever notice how every year there seems to be something a ton of haunts seem to be doing at the same time? Sometimes it was a type of prop, sometimes it was a scene, and sometimes it was an entire theme! I thought it could be fun to devote a thread to such crazes in the haunting community and perhaps even try to pin down a date (or dates) for each one. I'll include some examples to get things started and I hope more people join in.


Flying Crank Ghost
Vortex Tunnel
Shaker Cans


Dot Room
Blair Witch Project (1999)
Evil Santa


Pirates (2003)
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One of the reasons where Halloween is so different than Christmas decorations.

While Christmas decorating is something to collect, Halloween decorating is something you theme.

Christmas is building traditions. Heirlooms that come out every year. That's my indoor display. My Halloween tree, Spooky Town display, and various knick knacks come out every year.

Outside is another story. Our beloved purchases and creations can be viewed as stale. We are always in the hunt for something the TOTers haven't seen.

Now most of my Halloween treasures stay packed and make a several year rotation. I have done projections for years, but I am taking a break this year because of the explosion of product. The mystery is gone.
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