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Haunt Trends: Past and Present

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Ever notice how every year there seems to be something a ton of haunts seem to be doing at the same time? Sometimes it was a type of prop, sometimes it was a scene, and sometimes it was an entire theme! I thought it could be fun to devote a thread to such crazes in the haunting community and perhaps even try to pin down a date (or dates) for each one. I'll include some examples to get things started and I hope more people join in.


Flying Crank Ghost
Vortex Tunnel
Shaker Cans


Dot Room
Blair Witch Project (1999)
Evil Santa


Pirates (2003)
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Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember hospitals being a big thing in haunts awhile back (although not as big as asylums were several years ago). Judging
from other posts here, the clown theme might make a comeback thanks to the newest version of "American Horror Story." I also think that next year's "Jurassic World" could spark a dinosaur craze in haunts if it doesn't bomb at the box office.
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