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haunt room sizes

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Hi Folks:

This year I intend to build haunt rooms again in the yard. I use the 2 x 4 studs, galvanized braces, and 4' x 8' CDX route, with a roof. Last year I constructed one 12' x 12' room with a 12' entrance length and a small 4' x 8' second room before exiting. The large room roof was covered with a tarp, the balance with CDX.

This year I'm looking to maximize room size for different themes as well as protect props from the elements and also secure to prevent theft at night. Hence I will have (3) rooms that are 12' length x 8' width with entrance & exit at the length. I will use a tarp draped over 2' x 4's between the rooms for the hallway. Hallways are 8' long. I have 35 CDX sheets in total - my limit! My theme will be Egyptian, Mummies and Lab in that order for the rooms.

Now....what are your opinions on room sizes???
There will be no pneumatic props inside haunt, only animatronic and 1 live actor per room. There will be props within reach due to room width but there will be plenty of room to walk around for safety. It's not practical for 10' width. Anybody use 8' x 8' rooms? For my props it is also not practical to have 36" - 48" maze hallways where I could maximize the 35 sheet configuration.

Please tell me your experiences. Thanks
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