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The Raven's Grin Inn

This haunt name was generated by my mind! whata concept! Using my mind!
I also created a haunt name I had printed on some tees , sort of poking fun at many haunts. It said: "I Did Not Survive.....
Doctor Eval Bludfeast's House of the Ultimate Satanick Jr. Leeches!"--Voted Suckiest!"
and of course again to be different, the shirt was lime green instead of the manditory haunted house black.
Doesn't anyone else get tired of black shirts that say:"I Survived"? Blah, blah??
..maybe not.

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I thought about this idea long and hard last night. I'm actually going to do it I think.
Step One: Take your citys name and then add haunt to the end.

Step Two: Add "Presents"

Step Three: Add what ever your theme will be.
"Thriller Night's" Whiches Night' A Supernatural Night'

This way you can have a basic haunt name but then you can throw in the theme tittle to spice it up.
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