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Hello all, so I am creating my first semi professional haunt called Fear Farm. It's in my friends barns which are connected, and will be both indoors and out. I want the haunt to contain a multitude of fears like clowns, darkness, chainsaws, spiders/bugs, and I want to have a claustrophobia area. This is where I need help, any idea how I could do a claustrophobic effect? My last resort is build a hallway that gets smaller but I want to see if anyone has some ideas.

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i don't know if i consider the dark claustiphobic, but i do know when it is so pitch black you can't see anything, it is very scary.
when my daughter was younger we went to a haunt and a monster scared us into a tunnel where we had to crawl. i ended up crawling 3/4ths of the way on one arm because she wouldn't crawl and i had to carry her with one arm. but other times we had to crawl i just did not enjoy that. if i found i had to crawl i just left.
i've heard that a lot of places won't allow the bags overhead for that closed in feeling. if they come down for some odd reason it's like a bag over the head, you can't breath. it might be hard to breathe for someone who has trouble breathing anyway.
i like your idea of the hallway getting tighter.
i've been in that vortex tunnel and it is awesome. somewhere on here is a tuitorial from someone making one.
i heard of a haunt with a hallway and they would have a front and back guide. when they got the people down where they wanted them they were actually lead into a room built in the hallway and each guide slammed the front and back doors shut and a dim light came on so they could see they were enclosed. then the room spun a couple of times and then they let them out. you could have them continue down the narrowing hallway. [i heard the walls of the room was the only thing that spun, kind of the vortex effect.]
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