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Hello all, so I am creating my first semi professional haunt called Fear Farm. It's in my friends barns which are connected, and will be both indoors and out. I want the haunt to contain a multitude of fears like clowns, darkness, chainsaws, spiders/bugs, and I want to have a claustrophobia area. This is where I need help, any idea how I could do a claustrophobic effect? My last resort is build a hallway that gets smaller but I want to see if anyone has some ideas.

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Two ideas for a claustrophobic effect. One...make a entryway low where they have to bend down or even crawl to get to the next room.

Second: Use a take of the Claustrophobic effect used by Oak Island Attractions. Here's a link to their catalog to see how they do it. Could give you some ideas: http://www.oakislandproductions.com/OakIsland_ScareProducts_2009Catalog.pdf It's around page 4 or 5.

Aw heck, I scanned it because they really are a great idea. I personally don't like them because it really is an intrusion on your personal space. In other words, I was scared but also a little annoyed:

Here is the first one they came out with. The closing in walls:

Now their next one was pretty cool. It's around your legs so you had no idea what was going to scare you at your feet. Also, you can't move fast so you feel pretty vulnerable:

Here's their ceiling effect:

And here's their effect like the one for your legs but for your upper half:

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