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Hello all, so I am creating my first semi professional haunt called Fear Farm. It's in my friends barns which are connected, and will be both indoors and out. I want the haunt to contain a multitude of fears like clowns, darkness, chainsaws, spiders/bugs, and I want to have a claustrophobia area. This is where I need help, any idea how I could do a claustrophobic effect? My last resort is build a hallway that gets smaller but I want to see if anyone has some ideas.

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One haunt I've been to uses a diamond shaped hallway to give the sense of the walls closing in. They painted it in alternating black and white and they had it built well enough so that an actor at the end of the hallway could bound off of the angled bottom (and did a strobe light) and it was seriously awesome.

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Kind of like that, but the roof peak was much lower, and the angles a bit sharper....

If you angle the upper walls in, then it gives you the feeling of the walls closing in, without having to actually have anything touch anyone.
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