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Hello all, so I am creating my first semi professional haunt called Fear Farm. It's in my friends barns which are connected, and will be both indoors and out. I want the haunt to contain a multitude of fears like clowns, darkness, chainsaws, spiders/bugs, and I want to have a claustrophobia area. This is where I need help, any idea how I could do a claustrophobic effect? My last resort is build a hallway that gets smaller but I want to see if anyone has some ideas.

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Don't forget the "trapped" aspect that a lot of claustrophobic's fear - not having a way out seems to really trigger a lot of fears.

One way doors could be a possibility.
Swinging doors with springed hinges - push them to go through, they close behind, and there's no handles to pull them back open.
That might be a great way to have people enter your claustrophobia area...help set that "helpless" feeling.
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