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I just received a Donna The Dead through eBay.
The description said "she is a Halloween prop and although I will pack her well for you, in my experience, these items can fully work one day and partially work the next. Usually with a good swat on the back they work again! I haven't had any problems with Donna but you just never know and expectations are everything.."
When I got her, sure enough she wouldn't move. After checking wires and solders I checked her motor and the pulleys and belt were covered in grease. The motor DID spin when she was activated. The drive spindle sticks straight down through the housing, the gear drive spindle sticks down next to it. I t looks like the grease from the gearbox came out of the housing and covered the belt and pulleys. I cleaned the belt and pulleys (without pulling the whole section apart) put the belt back on, and her shimmy was back.
The belt seems to have stretched so I will replace it, and I want to get in there for a more thorough cleaning, but It was a simple fix to a common problem. If you have the same problem I hope this helps.
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