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I bought 3-4 of their skulls a number of years back. Looks like they are still in the same place from what I remember. As I recall the skulls were nice and I was pleased. Can't remember if I ordered 2nd quality or 4th or a combination. I think I bought at least one 2nd quality because I wanted a skull to use for a meat head buffet skull. Periodically they would have sales throughout the year and assume they do the same now. Worth checking out periodcially.

Funny thing I recall from my order was that the skulls at that time shipped in their own boxes (not sure what they do now) and the boxes were stamped with "skull" and other info. I thought the mailman probably did a double take when he handled the box and probably wondered what we did in our house. I wasn't ordering at halloween time otherwise it would have been less questionable I guess.

oh one other thing I recall is that their items will go in and out of stock, especially the 4th quality stuff, as items get sold and they wait for new stuff to get restocked. I believe these particular items come from "rejects" in molding, painting, etc. of skeletons intended for more exacting medical use. If you see something on sale and think you will need it...like a hand or arm, don't wait too long to buy it if you are trying to complete a project. It could take a while to come back in especially when the "halloween" crowd searches for body parts closer to halloween.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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