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They have a mask i want on their website, which I'm suspecting may be discontinued. I ordered it from another place and got an email 4 days later stating that it wasn't in stock and they didn't know when, or if, it would be again. I checked some other sites and almost all the sites that give the stock status on their webpage say "out of stock" on this mask.

So I emailed Halloween Depot asking if they had it in stock, since this is not mentioned on their page, and I have heard nothing. So I called both number listed....numerous times...no answer. So I called and left voice mails asking my question, as well as referencing the email I sent a few days earlier...still have yet to hear anything.

So if anyone has any experience with them please let me know...at this point I'm leaning away from attempting to order it just to see if they have it in stock because I don't want to wait 3 weeks and have to call and harass them every day just to find out they don't have it...
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