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Has anyone purchased from "The Pyramid Collection"?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever bought anything from the Pyramid Collection and what your experience was? I got a catalog a couple weeks ago. I dont recall requesting it but I sure am glad I got it! Im going to be a witch this year and I didnt want the typical wal mart type costume. I wanted something "real", something quality, and I think I found it! I ordered this...


Isnt it BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!!!!! Im so excited-cant wait to get it! I think I needed a large but its on back-order. I called, they said it wouldnt be in before halloween so I got the the X-Large. I can take it in a little if I need to.
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Oh, that's a lovely dress! Quite the improvement over the usual store-bought:D!
I get the catalog back home and it, along with Toscano, is one of those "if I had thousands of dollars to throw away on beautiful clothes, jewelry, and artwork..." catalogs. They are pricey on a lot of things, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about some of those items. While I personally haven't ordered from them, my mom has (for my Birthday or Christmas) and she has had good experiences with them. They were not necessarily the fastest, but they weren't what she would describe as late. She has ordered a couple of the small gothic dragon statues/decorations, and they reached us in pristine condition (no chips or breaks).
I have a friend who got her wedding dress from them last year. It was beautiful, good quality and arrived in good time.
Hmm, I've never ordered clothing from them, but I have ordered other things. (Rings, figurines) I've been very happy with those purchases, If that helps any.
Yes my wife's wedding dress she ordered from them and she loves it. She also ordered a jacket she loves but hadn't occasion to wear it yet.

Scarlet LaceUp Dress - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection
I forgot all about this company! I've never ordered clothes from them, but I have a beautiful, simple silver ring with an onyx ankh on it that I wear every single day. It's been through the ringer and it still looks great.
Im sooooo happy with this company and the quality of the dress. Its velveety decadence! I will definately order again and again :)
I have purchased from Pyramid Collection....

I thought they had an awesome selection in their catalog. I bought the Brocade Gown for Halloween. It didn't fit and the quality was very poor. The worst thing is that a returned it following all the rules and they haven't given me a credit to my credit card. It is causing me quite a problem because I need that money back to but medicine. I'm really upset. I agree they have some great items I just hope you don't ever have to return anything.....Has anyone else had this problem with Pyramid Collection?
If you order something from them, do so long before you need the item. It took them 2 weeks for me to get a bracelet. They sent it parcel post in a huge envelope when it could have easily been mailed first class and took like 3 days. It is a nice bracelet though.
they need to have men's stuff
I've bought a few things from them. The items take awhile to ship and sometimes end up late. I had to return one item and had no problems getting a refund.
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